Commercial space

Clínica dental Les Escoles

This project began with the owner’s desire to expand their existing dental clinic, which was already in full operation. After acquiring the adjoining commercial premises, a complex work to merge both parts of the new clinic started. The main requirement was to built a connection on the ground floor, respecting all the permissions and limitations of the two properties. The work – completed in a month in August 2020, at the height of the pandemic – was a real challenge for everyone involved: the owners, the builders, the providers and the team in general.
Once the architectural challenge resolved, we focused on the interior design: The owner wished to keep the warm, friendly and cheerful image of their clinic so we used bright We also focused on the kids zone, where we created a playroom exclusively for the little ones, as well as a BOX dedicated to them – decorated with children’s serigraphs In the bright and spacious waiting room, we played with organic-shaped dividers – in the colours of the clinic’s brand – and with warm lighting. The colour white predominates in both the BOXES and in the offices, giving the space a clean feel. For the team training room we opted for a warmer atmosphere with touches of colour. Mission accomplished: Clínica Dental Les Escoles has a soul of its own and reflects the essence of its owners and the team that surrounds them.